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These videos of past events have been made available by Mike Tucknott and Richie Burnett. To keep the file sizes sensible, they have been mpeg encoded at half resolution. For the high quality originals on VHS or CD please contact Mike or Richie. If the primary site is slow or hangs try the Mirror.

Amberley Teslathon 2002 - Mirror - 27.0 MB - Mike Tucknott
Derby Teslathon 2002 - Mirror - 45.5 MB - Mike Tucknott
Cambridge Teslathon 2001 - Mirror - 60.4 MB - Mike Tucknott
Corby Teslathon 2000 - Mirror - 29.9 MB - Richie Burnett

To save the file to your hard disk right click the link and select 'Save Target As...'